Current issues in securities lending - speech by Mr lan Plenderleith

Quarterly Bulletin 1991 Q2
Published on 01 June 1991

Mr Ian Plenderleith, Associate Director of the Bank responsible or markets, reviews some current issues in securities lending generally, including the work of the Stock Borrowing and Lending Committee, which he chairs.

This talk first outlines why securities lending is an important component in the functioning of markets. It then describes briefly some of the work the Stock Borrowing and Lending Committee (SBLC)-a consultative body of practitioners which brings together representatives of borrowers, lenders, intermediaries, the regulatory authorities and the Inland Revenue as participating observers to discuss questions of general interest to the securities lending industry-has been undertaking in order to improve the contribution that securities lending can make to the functioning of markets. Finally, the talk: seeks to draw out some of the major issues facing the securities lending industry, as an agenda of the kind of challenges that may need to be faced in the next few years.

PDFCurrent issues in securities lending - speech by Mr lan Plenderleith

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