Belinda Tracey

Economist - Monetary Assessment and Strategy Division


Belinda's research interests include banking, macro-financial linkages, firm dynamics and housing. To explore related questions, she employs both empirical (panel and micro data) and theoretical (computational macro) techniques.

Belinda is also the managing editor of the Bank’s staff blog, Bank Underground. She joined the Bank in 2010 and received a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford (Nuffield College) in December 2016. She has an MSc Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics, and a BCom (Hons) Econometrics and a BSc Statistics from the University of Sydney.

Belinda's selected academic publications

Too Big to be Efficient? The Impact of Implicit Subsidies on Estimates of Scale Economies for Banks - with R Davies, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2014)