IPA form (IPA) return

Details about the issuing and paying agents (form IPA) return, including deadlines, instructions, and contract details.

Key facts

Data to be reported:

Details of every bond, note, commercial paper, and certificate of deposit issued and repaid during the reporting month, as well as details of bonds, notes, commercial paper, and certificates of deposit currently out in issue.

Who has to report:

A sample of UK resident issuing and paying agents, who are contacted by the Bank of England directly.

Data uses:

Multiple including:

Internally within the Bank of England by multiple areas, including:

External institutions by multiple places, including:

Public use through the monthly stats releases and Bankstats.


Monthly for all reporters

Coverage: Go to reporting criteria to find detailed calculations used to determine eligibility


Firms need to report figures as at the last calendar day of the reporting period, with the deadline for reporting being working day 7 of the month.

Go to reporting criteria to download deadlines for all returns for all available years.

Reporting period Reporters impacted Deadline
(5pm UK time)
Concessionary deadline
(5pm UK time)

Deadlines for 2025 will be released in October 2024.



Overview of reported data

This return captures the issuance, repayments, and outstanding balances of debt securities issued by UK resident companies.

It also captures further information about each security including currency, issue date, final maturity date, issuer name, issuer residency, and coupon type.

In every return firms also need to include:

  • their company name
  • their legal entity identifier (LEI) or firm reference number (FRN)
  • the first day of the reporting period
  • the last day of the reporting period

Core documents

You can find detailed instructions in the documents below. 

Form IPA specific documents


Notes for IPA reporters Last updated
IPA definitions (DOC) Includes a high level overview of IPA with tips for common reporting issues
22 Aug 2023
BoE statistics taxonomy 1.3.0 (ZIP)
The machine-readable package required to compile statistical returns, plus the associated validations to be met
21 Oct 2022
BoE XBRL Filing Manual (PDF)
A document to assist in creating XBRL instance documents for reporting against the BoE Statistics Taxonomy
25 Apr 2022
BoE statistics data point model (DPM) 1.3.0 (ZIP)

A folder containing reporting requirements for all returns annotated with the dictionary concepts that define each data point and a data dictionary defining all concepts used in statistical reporting

21 Oct 2022

BoE statistics validations 1.3.0 (XLSX)
Business validations for cross-checking data points within and between returns 19 Oct 2022

All statistical returns

Document Notes for all reporters Last updated
Classification of accounts guide (PDF)
Includes detailed guidance on how to classify counterparties plus country lists 24 Apr 2024
General notes and definitions (PDF) Includes an introduction to preparing returns and definitions of common terms 24 Apr 2024
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