The Bank of England Electronic Data Submission (BEEDS) portal is an online application that manages data submissions from firms.

Data submission

The Bank of England Electronic Data Submission (BEEDS) portal is an online application that manages formal regulatory and statistical data submissions between PRA-authorised firms and the Bank of England. The portal enables firms to complete and submit all data submissions online. Firms can also view the information held about them by the Bank of England and keep it up to date.

The following guide explains the processes to submit data, manage users and update firm details. The guide is structured in a way that presents processes followed in the same way by all collections first. Where a collection has additional processes or information, these can be found in the Appendices. Please ensure you read the full guide and your relevant appendix before using the system.

PDFBEEDS User guide

Please refer to your collections appendix to find your Bank of England contact details.


Capital + reporting

On Monday 2 August 2021 we published v3.4.0 of the Bank of England Banking taxonomy to support the collection of Capital+.

As a reminder firms should note that we do not intend to update the Capital+ XBRL utility to reflect changes to the Capital+ reporting requirements in Taxonomy 3.4.0. Firms should ensure they have their own processes in place to prepare submissions.

Leverage Ratio

BEEDS is currently being configured to allow the ingestion of the new Leverage Ratio collection. The BEEDS team will be in touch with Firms required to submit data in due course. No action is required at the current time. 


Please be aware that the recent issues seen in our UAT environment have been resolved. If you were previously receiving errors we ask that you try to upload your returns again. If the issue persists, please email


For queries relating to the BEEDS portal, please contact or +44 (0) 20 3461 5360.

If you have a question relating to reporting requirements or validations, please contact the relevant business area. All contact details can be found in the table below.

Data collections

Below you will find additional information for individual collections submitted via BEEDS, along with their respective documentation.

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