The Bank of England Electronic Data Submission (BEEDS) portal is an online application that manages data submissions from firms.

Data submission

The Bank of England Electronic Data Submission (BEEDS) portal is an online application that manages formal regulatory and statistical data submissions between PRA-authorised firms and the Bank of England. The portal enables firms to complete and submit all data submissions online. Firms can also view the information held about them by the Bank of England and keep it up to date.

Please see our new BEEDS Resources page. There you will find the BEEDS User Guide as well as a host of videos and PDFs to take you through all aspects of BEEDS. You can also find information on interpreting BEEDS Portal error messages.

BEEDS resources

XBRL Taxonomy entry point mapping to Data Collections

The entry point mapping spreadsheet maps individual entry points to the corresponding Data Collection.

Entry point mapping


Buy to Let Schema Details

Please be advised that the “Form BTL schemas (zip)” file and associated technical documentation in the Buy to Let Mortgage Data section have now been updated with the latest versions. If you have any questions please contact

Statistical and Form IPA UAT testing 

Please be advised that the next opportunity to test Statistical and Form IPA submissions in the BEEDS UAT environment is 30 October - 24 November 2023. This will be the final UAT window for Form IPA reporters before the new collection template goes live in December 2023 for November 2023 reporting.

You do not need to request access, accounts and returns will be created for ALL existing statistical and Form IPA Reporters.

Please be advised that rule boe_IP_v0031 will be disabled on Form IPA, this will be deployed to the UAT environment for this testing window.

Following the first IPA UAT window, the known issues log will be updated in due course: this will include information for rule boe_IP_v0018. For further information, Form IPA reporting firms should refer to this log.

For any Form IPA queries, please contact

BEEDS Portal update – July 2023

In order to improve performance the BEEDS Portal has been updated with a number of fixes, which have been released and tested successfully. The biggest change on the BEEDS Portal side should be; an improvement in stability and speed in using the site, a reduced amount of “stuck in processing” returns, as well as a fix to the passwords and text boxes around the site which wouldn’t accept certain special characters. The error preventing users from accessing the Help & Guidance section has also been rectified.

This follows on from our previous update which aimed to simplify the user journey within BEEDS. As we aim to keep improving BEEDS, one way we can do this is by knowing your opinion! Please give us your feedback at



For queries relating to the BEEDS portal, please contact

If you have a question relating to reporting requirements or validations, please contact the relevant business area. All contact details can be found in the table below.

Data collections

Below you will find additional information for individual collections submitted via BEEDS, along with their respective documentation.

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