Statistical Reporting

Find out who needs to submit statistical returns to us, check deadlines and get the latest instructions to use.

Why we collect statistics

Under the Bank of England Act 1998, we can request data from financial firms in the UK. This includes data on firms’ balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other related items.

This data is important for a number of reasons. It feeds into national datasets such as the UK National Accounts. It helps us set interest rates and monitor the health of the UK financial system. And it supports the government to shape policies based on real data. 

Reporting criteria

If you’re a new financial institution or an existing reporter, check your reporting requirements and view deadlines for all returns. 

  • Any financial institution with permission from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) to accept deposits in the UK has to send us statistical data. This includes all banks and building societies. 

    New businesses will be told what their obligations are once the PRA has approved their application to accept deposits.  

    You can see a list of institutions in the UK banking sector required to submit statistical returns.

  • Everyone needs to submit the balance sheet (BT) and eligible liabilities (ELS) returns. 

    What else you need to submit depends on the nature and scale of your business – check the reporting thresholds for detailed submission criteria or email for help.

    You can check how your data is stored and used in our policy and procedures on confidentiality of data.

  • Returns are submitted once a year, twice a year, every quarter or every month. 

    For the BT, BG, C1, ELS and PL returns, there are 2 reporting cycles, with some firms required to submit less frequently than others. Check the reporting thresholds for details.

    For all returns, data should be reported as at the last day of the reporting period (including weekends and bank holidays). 

    Future deadlines

    Note: not all deadlines apply to all firms.

    Deadlines for 2025 will be released in October 2024.

    Reporting period Returns due Reporters impacted Deadline (5pm UK time) Concessionary deadline (5pm UK time)

    Corrections and late submissions 

    Notify us as soon as possible if you identify an error in your reporting or can’t meet a deadline.

    Depending on the problem we may make recommendations to ensure timely and accurate submissions in future. 

    You can view more about our enforcement approach and penalties in sections 38 and 39 of The Bank of England Act 1998

Data model

All our statistical returns are defined in a single data point model. 

You need to implement the relevant statistical taxonomy in your IT system and submit in a XBRL format, which is an international standard for reporting financial data.

You can choose to stay on an earlier taxonomy if there are no changes in the latest taxonomy that will affect your reporting.

Documents that apply to all taxonomy versions 

General guidelines

Use the documents below to get an introduction to preparing returns, check definitions of common terms and view data standards, such as the standardised list of countries we use.

Completed returns should be submitted using the Bank of England’s Electronic Data Submission Portal (BEEDS)

There are instructions on how to use BEEDS.

Guidelines for all returns

Document Description Last updated
General notes and definitions (PDF)
An introduction to preparing returns and definitions of common terms 24 Apr 2024
Classification of accounts guide (PDF) Instructions on how to assign customers and other entities to the correct economic or industrial sector groupings, plus a list of data standards used in our returns 24 Apr 2024

Latest update

24 April 2024

Statistical notice 2024/07 − Statistical reporting document update
Statistical notice 2024/08 − Bank of England Levy: confirmation of implementation

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