Money and Credit - April 2017

Our monthly Money and Credit statistical release is made up of three parts: broad money and credit, lending to individual and lending to businesses.
Published on 31 May 2017

Key points from the data to the end of April 2017 include:

Part one: Broad money and credit: aggregate, sectoral and industrial detail

  • Broad money, M4 excluding intermediate other financial corporations, increased by £9.0 billion in April (Table A), with positive flows for all sectors (Tables B-D). Within this, households’ M4 flows, at £4.4 billion, were slightly higher than recent weak outturns whilst private non-financial corporations’ (PNFCs’) M4 flows strengthened further to £3.8 billion.
  • Sterling lending to the UK private sector excluding intermediate other financial corporations, M4Lex, increased by £3.9 billion in April (Table A). Net lending flows to households and PNFCs were slightly lower than last month at £3.6 billion and £1.0 billion respectively (Tables B-D), the former being the lowest since April 2016.

Part two: Lending to individuals: lending secured on dwellings and consumer credit

  • Net lending secured on dwellings in April was £2.7 billion, the lowest since April 2016 (Table H).
  • Approvals for house purchase and remortgaging loans fell further in April, to 64,645 and 40,575 respectively (Table I).
  • The flow of consumer credit was similar to its recent average in April, at £1.5 billion; the annual growth rate was broadly unchanged (Table J).

Part three: Lending to businesses: net finance raised and loans to businesses, split by size of business

  • PNFCs made a net repayment of finance raised from MFIs and capital markets of £0.5 billion in April, compared to an average of £1.5 billion raised over the previous six months (Table L).
  • Loans to large non-financial businesses increased by £2.1 billion in April (Table M), mainly reflecting lending to the public administration and defence sector (Table O). Loans to small and medium-sized enterprises decreased by £0.3 billion (Table M).

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Next release date: 29 June 2017

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