Statistical Notice 2017/02

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder.
Published on 03 March 2017

Reclassification of housing associations to public corporations (effective from end-July 2017 reporting)

In October 2015, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced a decision to reclassify “Private registered providers” of social housing in England (PRPs) to the Public Non-Financial Corporations sub-sector. Following the announcement in Statistical Notice 2015/10, we can now confirm that reporters are required to reclassify PRPs of social housing in England from private non-financial corporations to public non-financial corporations (S.11001) from July 2017 data, to be reported in August 2017.

Please note that reporters should continue to record Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish Registered Social Landlords as private non-financial corporations until further notice.

If the reclassification results in changes of more than £10 million then please email with the details.

For further information, please visit the ONS website.

ONS website

A list of PRPs in England is also available on the ONS website under ‘Public Non-Financial Corporations’.

ONS website

If you have any queries relating to these changes, please email

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