3rd Workshop on Household Finance and Housing

Hybrid event on 17 June 2022

About the workshop 

On Friday 17 June 2022 the Bank of England and Imperial College Business School jointly organised the 3rd edition of the Workshop on Household Finance and Housing.

This workshop provided a platform for academics and central bankers from all around the world to discuss the latest research and techniques used in the field of household finance and housing.

Speakers included: Anthony DeFusco (Kellogg), Neeltje Van Horen (Bank of England), Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial College), Claudia Robles-Garcia (Stanford GSB), Sasha Indarte (Wharton).

Annette Alstadsæter (Centre for Tax Research), Clara Martinez-Toledano (Imperial) and Moritz Kuhn (Bonn), spoke at a panel discussion on addressing inequality.


Workshop programme

Opening remarks: Silvana Tenreyro (Bank of England, LSE), Tarun

Ramadorai (Imperial College Business School) 
Measuring the Welfare Cost of Asymmetric information in Consumer Credit Markets 
Speaker: Anthony DeFusco (Kellogg)
Discussant: Cameron Peng (LSE)
Chair: Silvana Tenreyro (Bank of England, LSE)
A.DeFusco paper
A.DeFusco slides
C.Peng discussion slides
Session one video
Help to Spend? The Housing Market and Consumption Response to Relaxing the Down Payment Constraint 
Speaker: Neeltje Van Horen (Bank of England)
Discussant: Cristian Badarinza (NUS)
N.Van Horen paper
N.Van Horen slides
C.Badarinza discussion slides
Session 2 video
Cross-subsidies in Household Finance
Speaker: Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial College)
Chair: Angus Foulis (Bank of England)
T.Ramadorai paper
T.Ramadorai slides
Session 3 video
Competition and Scope in Banking: The Case of Small Business Lending
Speaker: Claudia Robles-Garcia (Stanford)
Discussant: Christopher Hansman (Imperial College)
C.Robles-Garcia slides
C.Hansman discussion slides
Session 4 video
Panel: Addressing Inequality
Speakers: Annette Alstadsaeter (Centre for Tax Research)
Clara-Martinez Toledano (Imperial Colleage) 
Moritz Kuhn (Bonn)
Chair: Huw Pill (Chief Economist, Bank of England)
A.Alstadsaeter paper 1
A.Alstadsaeter paper 2
A.Alstadsaeter slides
C.Martinez Toledano paper
C.Martinez Toledando slides
M.Kuhn slides
Session 5 video
The Impact of Social Insurance on Household debt 
Speaker: Sasha Indarte (Wharton)
Discussant: Claire Celerier (Toronto)
S.Indarte paper
S.Indarte slides
C.Celerier slides
Session 6 video


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