Statistics illustrating the workings of the accounts of the Bank of England

Published in 1890, this volume contains collated Bank statistics covering the period of 1694-1905

Originally published in 1875, this volume of statistics was later published in 1890. The statistics were gathered primarily for use by its author, Governor Benjamin Buck Greene (1808-1902), but was also for ‘…the Governors and other members of the Court.’ 

Greene is listed on the ‘Legacies of British Slave-ownership’ database as an individual that inherited compensation as a result of being an ‘immediate descendant of a claimant or beneficiary’.  

The volume contains figures and statistics covering topics such as coin and bullion movement, the circulation of banknotes, dividends and the price of Bank stock, the Bank’s weekly and daily accounts, and Treasury bills. A detailed index can be found at the start of the volume. 

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