RTGS Renewal Programme news

Latest news from the RTGS Renewal Programme, alongside our key milestones.


We will host a number of events over the course of the Programme, more information on these events will be published in our bi-monthly round up.

What's happened

March 2019

Synchronisation workshops

Two workshops on synchronisation were completed with over 50 industry representatives in attendance.

March 2019

First phase of Supplier Qualification (SQ) completed

With the deadline for expressions of interest now passed, we are assessing potential bidders against a number of pre-agreed criteria.

February 2019

The Standards Advisory Panel (SAP) held its first meeting

February 2019

API workshops

Two workshops were held to explore themes around API interactions with the new RTGS service.

February 2019

Procurement for a Technology Delivery Partner commenced 

The Bank published a contract notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) inviting potential providers to express their interest. The chosen Technology Delivery Partner will be announced in May 2020.

November 2018

Start of the Design, Enable and Procure phase of the Programme

November 2018

Standards Advisory Panel Call for Interest

The Bank in conjunction with Pay.UK is creating a new Panel to advise on Payment Standards for the UK.

August 2018

Synchronisation Call for interest

The Bank is looking to explore the demand for introducing synchronised settlement to the renewed Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) service.

July 2018

Proof of Concept

The Bank has completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) to understand how a renewed RTGS service could be capable of supporting settlement in systems operating on innovative payment technologies.

April 2018

Non-bank PSP

The first non-bank payment service provider (PSP) joined a UK payment system settling in central bank money.

November 2017

Delivery of CHAPS

One of the earliest deliverables of the RTGS renewal programme was the move to a direct delivery model for CHAPS.

July 2017 External Advisory Body

External Advisory Body

External Advisory Body is set up to support an ongoing and effective dialogue between the Bank and its stakeholders during the renewal Programme.

May 2017

Blueprint published

A Blueprint for a new RTGS Service for the United Kingdom is published. 

January 2016

Start of RTGS Renewal Programme

The Bank of England announces it will develop a blueprint to modernise the UK’s sterling settlement infrastructure to respond to changing needs. 
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