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We have put together a list of home learning activities to help students, teachers, families and adults to learn about the economy, our work and our history.

We value financial education and have developed a range of resources for schools, in consultation with education experts. While some of our resources are for use in the classroom, others can be used at home. 

Our Museum offers visitors a chance to find out more about who we are – and what we do. Our online resources allow you to explore our collections and learn about our history.

  • Lessons from the financial crisis  Explore borrowing, risk and regulation through a six-lesson scheme of work that includes games and activities.  For students aged 8-14 
    Pounds and Pence  Learn about the history of money, why prices change over time and banknote security through our series of films.  For students aged 8-14 
    EconoME  Four lessons, with case studies and worksheets, to help students understand the economy and develop analytical skills, including a lesson on saving and borrowing.   For students aged 11-16 
    Interactive calculator  What do interest rates really mean for borrowers and savers? Find out for yourself with our borrowing and savings calculator.  For students aged 11-16 
    Artificial intelligence and careers  What are the jobs of the future? Which jobs are most likely to be automated? Explore our interactive presentation and learn how it could affect your own career choices.  For students aged 16-19 
    Knowledge Bank  The economy made simple: our short guides explain the economy without the jargon.  For age 11-adults 
    (Teachers can use the information to create quizzes and reading tasks for students) 

  • £20 drawing sheet  Could you be a famous artist? Test your skills by drawing JMW Turner's portrait. 
    For ages 7-11 
    Drawing sheets  A range of sheets exploring money and the Bank of England .
    For ages up to 14 
    Word searches  A banknote-themed word search and a more challenging word search on the Bank of England.
    For ages 11-16 

  • Objects in focus  Watch a series of videos showcasing some of our Museum’s most treasured possessions. 
    Photographs from our archives  Get a glimpse of life at the Bank of England through the years. 
    Highlights from our collection  Discover the story of the Bank of England through historical objects and works of art. 
    Our artwork  Explore highlights from our artwork collection. 
    325 years of history  An online exhibition that explores how money and the way we pay for things has transformed since the Bank of England was established in 1694. 
    Our Great British Art Quiz Test your knowledge with our quiz, in association with the Guardian and Art UK.

This list of home learning activities includes our own resources and ones from trusted partners. These activities are free to use, but some require users to register. We recommend that parents, teachers and carers consider government guidance on internet safety to ensure any online learning is safe and appropriate for students.

This page was last updated 19 May 2020
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