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BEEDS portal guides

User guide

The following guide explains the processes to submit data, manage users and update firm details. The guide is structured in a way that presents processes followed in the same way by all collections first. Where a collection has additional processes or information, these can be found in the Appendices. Please ensure you read the full guide and your relevant appendix before using the system.

BEEDS user guide

Step-by-step guides

For each topic in BEEDS we've created step-by-step PDF user guide.

 Topic User guide 
Home screen Read: Home screen guide
Logging in/firm selection Read: Logging in/firm selection guide
Forgotten password Read: Forgotten password guide
Session security code Read: Session security code guide
View/edit my details Read: View/edit personal details guide
Update password Read: Update password guide
Update security questions Read: Update security questions guide
Submit returns Read: Submit returns guide
Request resubmissions Read: Request resubmissions guide
View submission history Read: View submissions history guide
Create users Read: Create users guide
View/edit users Read: View/edit users guide
Amend principle users Read: Amend principle users guide

BEEDS portal error messages

Please refer to the 'Interpreting BEEDS portal error messages' document to find examples and solutions to some of the most common errors seen in BEEDS Portal. For data collections reported in an XBRL format, please refer to the Filing Manual for guidance on collection specific error messages which may require referral to an IT department or software vendor and which ones are as a result of the data entered. 

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