Advanced analytics: new methods and applications for macroeconomic policy 2022

Focus: the use of high-dimensional data

About the conference

Date: 21-22 July 2022

The Bank of England is hosting a conference.

Advanced analytics techniques, such as the analysis of novel large and unstructured data sources, or the application of techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence, offer new insights into problems in economics and finance. These approaches have now found their way into broad-based research programmes in academia and policy institutions. This conference is the latest in a series of events jointly organised by the Bank of England (BoE), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Data Analytics for Finance and Macro Research Centre (DAFM) at King’s College London.

The conference aims to connect leading researchers in academia and policy institutions to present and discuss the latest advances in the interdisciplinary field of advanced analytics. For example, how do these techniques best address pressing policy questions, and how do the resulting answers compare with conventional approaches? Could these novel approaches become the norm and how?

This year’s event focuses on the use of high-dimensional data. Such data may result from text as data, images, many-time-series environments, or large granular entity data. There are particular challenges of variable and model selection in such settings that we would like to explore in more detail. However, the conference scope extends beyond this focus and we welcome submissions on all theoretical and empirical contributions in areas relevant to macroeconomic policy, such as monetary and fiscal policy transmission, heterogeneous agent models, prudential policy, or financial innovation.

Submission: We invite submissions for presentation and discussion at this conference to The deadline is 11 April 2022. Submissions should have a broad advanced analytics angle in terms of data and/or technique. Full papers are preferred, and extended abstracts will be considered only in exceptional cases. When making a submission, please indicate if you would be available to also discuss a paper within your field of expertise. Authors of accepted papers will be contacted by mid-May.

The conference is currently planned as in-person event but hybrid participation can be accommodated. For any enquiries about submissions, please contact For questions regarding event logistics, please contact and

Keynote speaker

  • Frauke Kreuter (LMU Munich & University of Maryland)

Scientific Committee

  • Andrew Blake (BoE)
  • Vania Esady (BoE)
  • Ana Galvao (Warwick)
  • Sinem Hacioglu (BoE)
  • Lukas Henkel (ECB)
  • Andreas Joseph (BoE)
  • George Kapetanios (DAFM)
  • Christopher Kurz (Federal Reserve Board)
  • Michele Lenza (ECB)
  • Michael McMahon (Oxford)
  • Chiara Osbat (ECB)
  • Fotis Papailias (DAFM)
  • Chris Redl (IMF)
  • Diego Rodriguez Palenzuela (ECB)

Call for papers

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